The island also called as Ras Abay is containing this monastery and located in eastern part of Lake Tana at the outlet of Abay River from the lake, 5kms away from the Bahir Dar City.

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Kibran  Gabriel was founded  in 1321 by saint abune Ze Yohannes who was one of the seven spiritual sons of Saint Abune Tekle Haymanot   and it was rebuilt  during  the reign of Emperor Iyasu /1682-1706/. Continue reading

Daga is the other principal magnetism and most visited monastery though it is far from Bahir Dar.  It is located 40 kilo meters far from Bahir Dar city. Continue reading

The monastery is located at about 50km far from Bahir Dar on the eastern shore of Lake Tana and on a remarkably beautiful setting protected by the fence of rocky hill.  Continue reading

Located on the west of Deq islands, particularly at a small woody semi-island, Narga Silassie monastery is quite different from other Tana monasteries architecturally; that is, it is similar to the palaces of Gonder.  Narga Silassie was unusually built by Empress Mintiwab (1730-1755) with domes and turrets of the three gates.

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