Located on the west of Deq islands, particularly at a small woody semi-island, Narga Silassie monastery is quite different from other Tana monasteries architecturally; that is, it is similar to the palaces of Gonder.  Narga Silassie was unusually built by Empress Mintiwab (1730-1755) with domes and turrets of the three gates.

Mintiwab was led by angel to choose the place to build the church as narrated by the Zena Narga (history of Narga).  The impress chose Narga for church in 1737/38. Effigies (images) of Mintiwab and James Bruce are engraved on the exterior of the church. It is well known for its very impressive wall paintings.  The 18th c manuscript is still found on the Island. It is open for ladies.