Blue Nile, the Grand River in Africa is one of the natural wonders of Ethiopia especially for its breathtaking falls.Tis  Abay  town,  35  Kilometres  South  East  of  Bahir  Dar  has  been drawing the attention of tourists from different corners of the world. That  is  why  thousands  of  visitors  are  seen  streaming  to  this  most spectacular scene. The Blue Nile Falls locally known as ‘Tis Isat Falls” or ”Smoke of Fire” that the  water  stretched  on  400  metres  wide  surface  and  plunging dramatically  45  metres  deep  creates  drizzly  plethora  that  in  turn produces brilliant rainbows across the gorges of the river. The foggy downpours drive the onlookers up to a kilometre away. The curtains of the spray enthrall any visitor and will not ever vanish from memory. Specially, a morning visit rewards tourists with the astounding rainbows.

Environ of these falls is endowed with marvelous landscapes, natural forests and multi-colored birds.

On  the  way  to  Tis  Abay  Falls,  Andasa  Mineral  Water  is  found  in  a small island formed by the Blue Nile River. Furthermore, to the West of  Tis  Abay  Town,  some  7  kilometres  off  the  road  in  the  extended escarpment   of  Yagume  ridge,  surrounded   by  stunning   natural scenery,  there  is  an  impressive  rock  hewn  church  called  Dengay Debelo which is said to have been hewed by St. Lalibela before his coronation.

To reach the falls, there are two alternative ways.  One  is  the  route through  1.5kilometres  road  Eastern  out  skirt  of  the  town  to  the parking lot, which lies on the edge of the Blue Nile gorge. Then after walking for about 20 minutes crossing the 17th c foot-bridge locally called as Alata.

The other alternative is the route through the North East of the main road where the local people cross the river with papyrus reed boats. For the guests, motorboats are hired to cross the waters. After plying across the waters, a 30-40 minutes walking along the bank of the river is required to reach the bottom of the falls. But using the former route gives   chance to visit   the historic footbridge, the spectacular sceneries, and also it provides a chance to watch birds in the forest and in the gorge. Or else both ways can be used, one to go to falls and the other to turn back from the falls.

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