Bahir Dar City has become a UNESCO awardee of Learning City, and member of Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC).

By these achievements the city will benefit the following:

1. Bahir Dar is now an internationally visible city.

People who visited the UNESCO website and reading the name Bahir Dar will search for it and read more on it; and will be inspired to know more, and hopefully to visit it.

2. Bahir Dar will get the experience of other cities in building sustainable cities.

3. The city will form links and partnerships with many cities throughout the world to work together towards common interest areas.

4. Bahir Dar will also get support from other cities to achieve the newly formulated Sustainable Development Goals

This is a very great news for BDU communities, the people of Bahir Dar City and Ethiopia in general.

We are grateful for all members the team at Adult Education and Community Development /AECD Department Bahir Dar University who participated on the process!